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The implementation of project activities will be supported by external personnel in the form of substantive partners in the project. It will be, first for all the Institute of Oceanology of PAS in Sopot.


The marine ecologists in the IO of PAS specialize in field studies, in particular in the field of comparative ecology. Their interests focus on the study of the biodiversity in the context of the functioning of the ecosystem and climate changes. Under the studies of the Baltic Sea ecosystem, they run works mainly concerning sandy beaches. They are interested in the share of particular organisms in the circulation of matter and energy, the links connecting the beach ecosystem with a coastal zone of the sea, and the local populations of fish living in it, the processing of organic matter on the beach. This kind of studies are kept in close co-operation with the Polish and foreign scientific institutes. Under these studies, the ones that cooperated before in such international projects are: ELOISE, COSA, LITUS, the ones currently running it concerning scientific networks are EN CORA and MARBEF.

The exhibitions, presentations and lectures at picnics and festivals and numerous individual initiatives of popularisation of the maritime scientists have resulted in the fact that the Institute of Oceanology of PAS won the competition of "Science Communicators 2008”, organized by the website Science in Poland PAP in the cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.The maritime scientists during lectures and presentation at festivals and picnics convince students that the beach is not a desert, and under the blanket on which we are sunbathing, approximately billion various creatures are wandering.

They participate, also in popularising films and, first of all, in the interactive workshops "Life of the Coast of the Sea", constituting a proposal of modern, ecological field education, significantly going beyond the frames of typical school excursions.

The culmination of activities and efforts of researchers propagating the knowledge about the beaches of the world, is the book issued last year entitled "The beach users guide" - richly illustrated publication of the European Centre of Excellence for Shelf Seas Science and IO of PAS.

The following representatives of the Institute of Oceanology of PAS will participate in the design works:

  • Prof. Jan Marcin Węsławski
  • Dr. Lech Kotwicki
  • Dr. Józef Wiktor

The substantive partner will also be the Institute of Geophysics of PAS in Warsaw


Institute of Geophysics (IGP) of PAS is an academic institution representing the main stream of Polish studies with regard to basic physics of the Earth. IGP of PAS is the exclusive institution in the country running the monitoring of global geophysical fields with regard to seismology, geomagnetism and of the selected elements concerning the physics atmosphere.

Currently in the Institute, the following scientific disciplines are being practised: seismology, geomagnetism, physics of the Earth's interior, physics of the atmosphere, hydrology, polar studies.

The second main trend in operations of IGP of PAS is the implementation of its statutory bonds with regard to the registration of global geophysical phenomena, whose results are transferred to the World Data Centres. The Institute manages 10 observatories in Poland and one in Spitsbergen. It should be emphasized that some of the observatories are included in the leading group in the whole world. Complementary for this form of operations of the Institute are construction works and the construction of unique geophysical instruments.

The Institute participates actively in many International Research Programs and conducts a lively cooperation with foreign scientific establishments.

IGP of PAS is authorized to award scientific degrees of doctor and doctor habilitatus in the field of sciences of the Earth in the discipline of geophysics. Additionally, in the Institute are organized four-year doctoral studies.

In the design activities, the following representatives from the PAS Institute of Geophysics will participate:

  • Prof. Dr. hab. Paweł M. Rowiński

  • Prof. of PAS Piotr Głowacki

The Representative of the University of Tromso (Norway) will be:

  • Prof. Dr. of philosophy Jorgen. Berge

  • Prof. Krzysztof Skóra

In the project the support will also be given of:

Dr Katarzyna Ewa Stepanowska

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EEA Grants

The project "Good Climate for the Sea" including funding from the EEA originating in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway in the amount of 1 266 369 PLN." The goal is to raise public awareness of biodiversity and education in this area in conjunction with climate changes and the economic value of ecosystems.